Some engagement photos: Last Outfits

Yon Ayisyenn kap fe lapli ak le bon tan. Wi ou ka fe ke w kontan e ou ka renmen ak moun ou vle. Bel bagay net, se sa la vi. E ou opinionettes? eske wap jui laviw ?

Paola... Lost in New York City


I always appreciate the « white dress shirt and dark blue jeans » look. It’s clean, classic, and casual. I decided to include that look for our engagement photos because it was easy enough for both of us. And because red is my favorite color, I thought a little pop of color could never hurt. Right before we met Kaitlin, I told my fiance to grab a red tie, and I made sure to bring my red hat.

This set reminds me of Paris for some reason. These were still shot by the Botanical Garden area in Central Park. It’s one of my ultimate favorite places in New York.

If you noticed I’ve slowed down on the blogging, I’ve been in Haiti for the past week. I decided to publish these before I post all the awesome goodies I captured from this trip! I’m so excited to share! In case you’re…

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Brochettes de Viande!

  Une recette facile, à déguster entre amis, pendant l’été! ( oui, oui, l'automne est deja la) Ingredients de Brochettes de Viande 4 poitrines de poulet désossées, coupées en cubes 1 gros poivron vert, coupé en morceaux 1onion, coupé en quartiers 1 gros poivron rouge, coupé en morceaux Vinaigrette Brochettes Directions Enfiler le poulet, l’oignon, … Lire la suite de Brochettes de Viande!