La syans poko ka jwenn kisa ki lakoz ACNE pouse sou po figi nou men yo panse ke yon po gras, eredite ka fè sa. Yo panse tou a kek faktè ki ka aji sou po nou tankou :- alerji- strès- kek medikaman- manke vitamin- problem fwa (foie)- Lew expoze a kek polisyon ke faktori yo … Lire la suite de ASTUCES BEAUTE- SOINS DU VISAGE- ACNE


Afro Alice Hebdo – Meet the Face Behind Opinion des Femmes

Afro Alice

 Afro Alice has taken the time to interview a very remarkable figure in the Facebook haitian community, Rachel Misère.

 1- Tell me about yourself.

First of all, I am very honored to be interviewed by an awesome Fanm Vanyan like you, who is doing a great thing for the Haitiannatural hair community. I am a servant of the highest God, I am simple yet I loathe mediocrity. I also like to help others and encourage them; in addition, I like to have fun and be inspired by everything and everyone. I like nature and try to be outdoors whenever I can.

 2- Tell me about Opinions des Femmes

I always had a passion to help women – Haitian women, and my people. I’ve worked with the Haitian Community. Therefore, I have seen and heard everything that is oppressing Haitian Women. I had an urge to do something about it so…

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